What works on paper might not
work on screen

'Going digital' isn't just a case of
copying and pasting existing documents

Get things right from day one

Plain English doesn't have to be dull
The right words have power

The words you use matter
Why make it hard to get your message across?

Help your people speak the right language

When we understand you,
We'll help others do the same

Your company voice aims to convey authority
Get the words wrong, and it fails

Creating a style of your own

Mark Hadley Design is changing. From summer 2016, we will discontinue our web design and development service. We'll not be taking on any new projects, either for new or existing clients. Our focus is moving to eLearning/training development and communications strategy. The company name will change at this time and more information will follow.


Putting digital at the heart of training delivery

With budgets under pressure, it is a challenge to up-skill your workforce without hitting the bottom line. Online training lets you do more for less. 


Getting the word out about your values

Things shouldn't end when someone settles into their role. We'll help  keep your team motivated and inspired to do the best for you and drive professional development.


Sounding like you mean business

It's all too easy to bury bad news in hard to understand documents. We'll help you find the right words to sound professional, honest and approachable. Someone you'd want to do business with.


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Current discount rate for repeat business is 8%